Australia's first carbon farming prize offers $20k incentive - RN Breakfast - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

While Australia's energy policy history has been quite muddled, did you know that soil has the potential to play a significant role in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions?

Earlier this year an Australian farmer became the first in the world to receive carbon credits for capturing and storing carbon in the soil on his property in Victoria.

And while carbon farming is yet to be widely embraced, there's now a national cash prize of $20,000 on offer to encourage Aussie farmers to give carbon farming a go.

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$20K incentive for farmers to build soil carbon

Australia’s leading soil carbon farming developer AgriProve will announce the establishment of a national cash prize for carbon farming at the National Carbon Farming Conference and Expo in Albury today.

The AgriProve 20/20 Olsen Prize for Soil Carbon Farming recognises the Olsen family who was issued with the first soil carbon credits under the Emissions Reduction Fund in March this year and gives farmers an incentive to match the Olsen’s achievement.

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International Trust Backs Australian Soil Carbon System

The Grantham Environmental Trust has invested in AgriProve, an Australian agricultural startup to commercialise soil carbon solutions that improve agricultural productivity while sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change.

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The US-based Grantham Environmental Trust has agreed to invest up to A$2.5 million ($1.75 mln) in an Australian start-up seeking to generate carbon credits from soil carbon projects.

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World’s first soil carbon project a giant leap for humankind

An innovative project from Australia is leading the world in turning around agriculture’s reputation as a dominant source of greenhouse gasses including atmospheric CO2, giving farmers the opportunity to be climate action heroes. Soils hold significant potential, contributing to drawdown climate change solutions, by storing atmospheric carbon removed via regenerative farming practices.

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N4C applauds world’s first soil carbon project to earn credits under UN Paris Agreement

In a world first, carbon credits are to be counted for the first time under the United Nations Climate Paris Agreement. These have just been issued for a soil carbon project under the Australian Emissions Reduction Fund. The credits were received by the Grounds Keeping Carbon Project, which showcases the work of an innovation and farming system in Victoria that creates soil carbon in pastures at rates that are comparable with forests. The Soilkee Pasture Renovator combines cultivation, mulching, aeration and mixed species seeding to improve grazing systems and build soil carbon effectively. The higher the soil carbon levels the more productive and healthy the farm.

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