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AgriProve is Australia’s first one stop shop for soil carbon, taking farmers on the journey from building soil carbon in the field to selling carbon credits to governments and companies with carbon liabilities.

Our goal is to mainstream a farmer led, commercial model of soil carbon farming – regenerating agriculture and sequestering carbon at scale.  AgriProve enables farmers to generate income from carbon abatement activities and secure viable returns in the Australian market.  We have $150 million to pay farmers who build soil carbon over the next ten years.

AgriProve was spun off from Corporate Carbon Advisory in 2018. Corporate Carbon is one of Australia's leading multi-sector carbon developers operating under the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF). Managing Director Matthew Warnken heads up both organisations.

Corporate Carbon registered Australia’s first soil carbon project under the ERF in 2015. After seeing the transformative potential of soil carbon and the Soilkee technology, the company established AgriProve, an agricultural startup, designed to mainstream soil carbon farming.

We acknowledge the diligent work of innovative and diverse pioneers who have developed regenerative farming systems, raised the profile of soil carbon and established a soil carbon methodology.

Why AgriProve?

The Climate science tells us that our climate is changing - we can see it and feel it already. It is hotter and drier, rainfall is more erratic, new records are constantly being set and bushfires are more frequent and extreme.

Building soil carbon makes your farm more resilient, productive and profitable so you are better placed to adapt as the climate changes in your district.

AgriProve makes the job of earning credits for the soil carbon you build on your farm easy. We’ve done the hard yards to ensure that your project complies with the government’s regulations. Our systems are audit ready as we have successfully navigated the soil carbon audit process.

If we are to have a material impact on stemming the tide of climate change, in Australia and internationally, we need to scale rapidly, collaboratively and profitably. Regenerating land and communities - producing healthy food - as we grow.

Soil carbon enables farming regions to evolve from carbon sources to sinks – from being part of the problem to part of the solution. AgriProve is working to bring about that farmer led transformation – using soil carbon to both mitigate and adapt to climate change.