To assist in identifying parcels of land, we may sometimes use a file which can be opened by Google Earth to help visually identify what we are referring to. These files may have the extension .kmz or .kml – they can be downloaded and opened online using Google Earth (https://earth.google.com/web/).

We normally access Google Earth using the Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome can be download from https://www.google.com/chrome/ if you do not already use it.

To open a .KMZ OR .KML FILE:

Google Earth - My Places Flag.jpg

Download the .kml or .kmz file onto your PC.

Navigate to https://earth.google.com/web/

Select the ‘My Places’ flag (on left hand menu).

Google Earth - My Places Import.jpg

Select ‘IMPORT KML FILE’, then ‘Open File’ and select your downloaded .kmz or .kml file. 

Google Earth - Save.jpg

Multiple files may be viewed at the same time. After importing a file, select the ‘Save’ button.

Google Earth - Save Places.jpg
Google Earth - View.jpg

The ‘eye’ icon can be toggled to view or hide layers.

Google Earth - Information.jpg

The information icon can be toggled to view limited information on each file part.

Google Earth - Information.jpg

Alternatively, Click on an item to view the information.