$20K Incentive for Farmers to Build Soil Carbon

AgriProve, Australia’s leading soil carbon farming developer will announce the establishment of a national cash prize for carbon farming at the National Carbon Farming Conference and Expo in Albury today.

The AgriProve 20/20 Olsen Prize for Soil Carbon Farming recognises the Olsen family who was issued with the first soil carbon credits under the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) in March this year and gives farmers an incentive to match the Olsen’s achievement.

International Environmental Trust backs Australian Soil Carbon System

The Grantham Environmental Trust has invested in AgriProve an Australian agricultural startup to commercialise soil carbon solutions that improve agricultural productivity while sequestering carbon and mitigating climate change. The deal between the Grantham Trust's Neglected Climate Opportunities program and the innovative Australian company will be worth AU$2.5 million when fully exercised as part of an initial seeding round of investment.