As part of finalising the registration process, we want to confirm that you are happy with making the commitment to undertake a soil carbon project built around your project activity.

We will provide additional information on your soil carbon project in the form of a Land Management Strategy and Supplement. This is reviewed by an independent expert as an activity that is likely to build soil carbon. However, note that it does not form any guarantee in terms of carbon credit creation.

Every time the project reports and applies for carbon credits, we will need to give an update on the implementation of the project Land Management Strategy. This strategy comprises:

  • ongoing or historical farm management activities (as per the Expression of Interest and Consent)

  • new project activities (as per the Land Management Strategy and Supplement)

  • other new eligible activities that are built into farming operations during the course of the project (we ask that you keep us updated on these activities).

Note too that there are some restrictions and exclusions on activities in the project area.

Before we lodge the registration application, we ask that you review the 'Confirmation of Project Commitments and Implementation of Land Management Strategy'. This sets out the project commitments that are required by the Clean Energy Regulator. Note that the commitments are conditional on a number of items to ensure that farmers maintain full control of on farm management.

If you are happy with the commitments and the Land Management Strategy and Supplement, we would ask that you sign the commitment and return to us. If there are any clarifications or changes to be made, please contact the AgriProve Team.